Music for life

To play and sing is a basic need

Children sing before they learn to speak. This natural urge can be supported when we give children instructions, assistance, and the possibility to realise their musical ideas at an early stage. Small children can learn how to play an instrument or sing at a young age, and then continue for their entire life. You never get too old for music.

In the middle of central Braås lies Ullbjörnen's atelier, gallery, and music workshop. Here, you have the opportunity to make music in a group. But our strength is our flexibility - if you can't come to us, we can come home to you for your individual lessons. If you find it hard to fit a regular weekly time into your schedule, we can adjust the time for your lesson to your schedule instead.

But how can you learn to play music? There are many different methods for music education. We possess both the knowledge and the experience that is necessary to find the right method for you, according to your preconditions and wishes. This also is valid for all kinds of musical styles, even if we primarily have our background in the classical Western music tradition. Anyway, we know a lot of other music, and we can teach you that, too.

This is what you can learn from us:

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