Translations and text revisions

Do you need help with a translation from Swedish or English to German? Or have you written something in German and need advice how to improve the text? Maybe you just need somebody to proofread your text? Or do you want us to write a German text for you? We can help you there!

We offer professional translations Swedish-German, English-German, or German-Swedish, in all branches and subjects. Translated texts will be revised and controlled. If we write a text from scratch, we will do so striclty according to your needs and wishes. Revisions will be done quickly and discretely. You will always end up with a correct and adequate text.


Translation Swedish-German, English-German, or German-Swedisha: 1,80 SEK a word
Revision and proofreading of German texts: 0,50 SEK a word
Newly written text in German: price on agreement

Welcome to book via email: or phone: +46-729-724667.