Discover your own creativity with Vedic Art!

Vedic Art is a method that will help you to discover your own creativity in art and in life. Instead of the result, the finished painting, which many are used to, Vedic Art is focussing on the creative process.

In 17 carefully arranged steps and exercises, Vedic Art is showing you ways of expressing yourself while painting. It doesn't matter if you have previous experience as an artist or not. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from, or what you believe in. Vedic Art is for everyone!

Despite the fact that Vedic Art hasn't really been develloped as a therapy method, many feel that it makes them feel better. Being able to express yourself in paintings, without demands or judgements, is deliberating. At the same time, painting has a relaxing effect and will lower your stress hormone levels

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Juliane is holding foundation and continuation courses at Atelier Ullbjörnen in Braås, Sweden.

Foundation course is for you who haven't been studying Vedic Art before, or for you who want to repeat.
Continuation course is for you who have been visiting the foundation course and want to deepen your knowledge of the 17 principles.

Both foundation and continuation courses are available as evening course one evening a week, as Weekend course on three Weekends, or as whole week course starting on Sunday afternoon and continuing until Friday lunchtime. You choose what fits you best!

Do you want to try it out before you decide for a whole course? No problem! Read more here.

You who already have been studying both foundation and continuation course can book a course for half the price.

Special courses

Juliane is also offering thematic courses about acrylic painting techniques and landskape painting. Those courses are not a part of Vedic Art, but Juliane is applying the same approach and principles. Therefore it is important that you who want to participate in this course have completed foundation course before.

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This is included in all painting courses:

  • Lessons in Vedic Art
  • Painting space in Atelier Ullbjörnen
  • Coffee, tea, and home-made cakes
  • The joy of creativity!

Course dates

You can find course dates for the whole week courses on Facebook under

Artist materials (acrylic paint, canvas, other materials) can be bought in our shop at the atelier, or you can bring your own things with you.

Welcome to book via e-mail: or phone: 0046 729 724667